The Episode. Ask Amped #40 – Part 1 on YouTube

Screen shot 2015-12-04 at 11.39.45 PM.png

Gonna set this one down, let it “brew” awhile and just report on what comes out of the (apparently) 2 Part Ask Amped….What do YOU think, more than what these guys think….or is it exactly what they are saying for you, too?  YOUR. VOICE. MATTERS.

“Ask Amped Episode 40 – Part 1 – The Industry of Airsoft, has been a project almost a year in the planning and making, and we’re extremely pleased to bring this eye-opening discussion about Airsoft to you all!

Ask Amped is typically a question and answer style show, but for this trilogy of Episode 40, we brought in a panel of some of the most well known Airsofters to answer questions that haven’t been asked before, to start a discussion and help this community and hobby grow appropriately!

Part 1 focuses on The Industry of Airsoft, which entails the people and business behind the scenes as well as the politics that surround Airsoft.

Filmed on location at Rock Bottom Brewery in Homestead, PA…

Thank you to our panel and everyone behind the scenes who made this video possible, so make sure you guys like and share, and stay tuned for Part 2 – The Heart of the Game, coming soon to Amped’s YouTube page!…”

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