UK Airsoft – Safe Enough, again? – UKAPU on Facebook

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GOOD NEWS FROM THE LATEST LEGAL REVIEW and Recommendations, via MATT FUREY-KING and the UKAPU on their Facebook Page…CLICK THE BANNER ABOVE for the details…and the link below for the full report…

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“The law commission has today published its report on firearms which you can read here;

There’s a good chance it will be put into law, as this is the case with law commission reports generally. From our perspective the most interesting parts are that they state that the lethality threshold should be set to 1J, but that an airsoft exemption should be created (based around the VCRA 2006 specific exemption). They recommend setting this exemption at 1.3J/2.5J in line with the 2011 ACPO testing. This is great news. Sensible conclusions, no more ‘airsoft legal limit’ grey areas, and they’ve listened to the airsoft associations. Also note that we were supported by BASC and GTA….Matt Furey-King, Chairman UK Airsoft Players Union…”

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