ARNIE and Airsoft BB in Hong Kong for the APS Festival!


We love it when the GOOD GUYS in Airsoft Media get to take us all along on their adventures, and ARNIE is/was actually in Hong Kong for the annual APS Festival this year!  Great insights and we’ll expect to see plenty more when he gets back to the “News Fairy” at home base!

CLICK THE PIC to get at Arn’s take!

“…At the event I also had the pleasure to meet contacts from around the world including Adrian and Angela from 0’20 Magazine, Alan from Toy Soldier,Brian, Eric from, Robert from, Kobahashi fromFireplace, Alan from Combat King, Zero from Poseidon and Larry form Centurions and many many more…

I have a lot more to write and some a lot more photos to sift through but it’s time for me to pack my bags, head down to the lobby and prepare for a flight home. Handlily this gives me time to get some a larger article up….”


Then, ARNIE’s “News Fairy” passed along the AirsoftBB Spanish-language coverage from APS Festival, and some impressive photos and videos coming soon…before they head back across the Pacific to SHOT Show in Las Vegas next week!  EVERYONE is stepping up their media game in 2016!  CLICK THAT PIC for Arn’s posting and the links to AirsoftBB’s sites and channels!

“For the first time we travelled to Hong Kong and coverage announcing the news from APS concept….

With translate:

With out translate:…”


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