Is Airsoft Under Attack in the US? – Airsoftology Mondays – YouTube

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Jonathan’s got the serious look right here for good reason, as he shares a great update on the fight to CRUSH Massachusetts’ House Bill 3476, updates on  California’s implementation of SB 199, along with New York State’s color rules…and a ton of other important info on this week’s Monday’s show!

CLICK THAT BIG “NO BUTTON” in the PIC ABOVE to get a link directly to the Facebook Page leading the coordination effort and fight to save Airsoft in Mass…and in all of AMERICA, too!

“We’re digging into the airsoft laws that took effect in 2016, plus new possible laws that could spell the end of airsoft in some states. Plus our airsoft SHOT Show coverage updates and non-blowback pistol questions.

Code Red Headsets video of the week: ACCIDENT AIRSOFT IN TENERIFE/SPAIN –

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