Ask Amped Episode 40 – Part 2 – The Heart of the Game – YouTube

Screen shot 2016-01-16 at 9.52.13 PM.png

Part Two of the epic Wide Open Table Talk up in Keystone Land involves some of the most-talked about topics, and talked-over peeps in Airsoftia…Have you seen it yet?  Allow us to point you in the right direction, then….  CLICK THAT PIC to see Part One and all the Amped Airsoft vids on YouTube…and STAND BY FOR #3!

“Ask Amped Episode 40, has been a project almost a year in the planning and making, and we’re extremely pleased to bring this eye-opening discussion about Airsoft to you all!

Ask Amped is typically a question and answer style show, but for this trilogy of Episode 40, we brought in a panel of some of the most well known Airsofters to answer questions that haven’t been asked before, to start a discussion and help this community and hobby grow appropriately!

Part 2 – The Heart of the Game, focusing on just what it is like to be a an Airsoft player, whether it’s speedsoft, milsim, novice or experienced. We hit on subjects like cheaters, event rules, pain compliance and so much more!…”


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