Change at the top for the EAA – Facebook

Crucial timing but a solid transition for the EAA….we know Matt, Joachim and the gang will continue their fight against burdensome regulations that threaten the game ‘over there’  and we are here to help them as they’ve done for all of us, too!

Screen shot 2016-01-16 at 10.31.58 PM.png

“Hello everyone, Matt here, posting one last time to let you know that I’ve stood down as President (minutes of that meeting will be on our website soon). I’m sad to do so as it’s been great fun, I’ve met so many positive like minded people from across the continent, and it’s a very exciting period for the association. Unfortunately, I’m just not able to commit enough time to the EAA to lead airsoft through the crisis we are facing with the EU proposal, the reclassification of replicas as cat C firearms.

The good news is that Joachim Dekkers has been elected by the committee as my replacement. Joachim is an experienced lobbyist, was one of the founders of the EAA and was head of the NABV. He’s got some big plans going forward and I believe he is the man we need right now.

I wish Joachim the best of luck and I will continue to support him as the UKAPU representative on the committee. Many thanks to the players throughout Europe who have supported the EAA throughout the last 4 years I’ve been President. I feel like the barriers are breaking down very quickly and we are becoming one huge community. Our battles against the worst aspects of the mass media and opportunist illiberal politicians, and our love of replicas and airsoft gaming is universal. Retail seems to be less restricted by national borders too.

I shouldn’t need to remind you that the EU attack on replicas is still hanging in the balance, 2016 could be the year airsoft finishes in Europe. But in the words of Margaret Mead; Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Hope to catch some of you at IWA or Airsoft Wars Lizard later in the year.

Kind Regards,
Matt Furey-King
Ex-President European Airsoft Association …”


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