Race of the Speedloaders! -ZShot M12 vs. Elite Force SL14 – YouTube

Screen shot 2016-01-16 at 10.07.20 PM.png

OK Bookmakers,  what are the odds on this race?  The ever-speedy Unicorn Leah versus AIRSOFTOLOGY Jonathan (who, if you look closely at the beard is turning into a bit of the “old gray mare…”  Just For Men, buddy, look into it…)

Place yer’ bets and call the jockeys to the rail!  Then, CLICK THAT PIC for more of Leah’s latest and greats over on the Unicorn-Channel-of-perputual-Pew Pew OsSity!

“Unicorn Leah and Airsoftology Jonathan race to see who can load their mags the fastest, using the M12 Sidewinder and the Elite Force SL 14 speedloaders.

To buy these speedloaders:

Connect with me!
Instagram: @theairsoftunicorn…”


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