SHOT SHOW 16 with AIRSOFTOLOGY – PTS Syndicate New Releases – YouTube

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.49.32 AM.png

Big Jay getting the big GETS this year’s SHOT Show…and spending s0me time previewing the new goodies from PTS SYNDICATE!  LOVE THESE GUYS, cutting edge and always spanning the real steel and airsoft worlds so seamlessly!

CLICK THAT PIC to get all of Jonathan’s coverage from VEGAS, and his follow-on videos soon-to-post!

“We visit the PTS booth at SHOT Show 2016 to see their new offerings, and were pleasantly surprised to fin Glock & Systema offerings as well as new SCAR and Masada stuff too! Watch and vote on what we should review first!

A huge thanks goes to SS Airsoft for helping make SHOT Shot 2016 possible. Visit them at for all of your Airsoft needs…”


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