MERLIN DOES VEGAS! – One HOT VLOG and coverage from SHOT SHOW 2016!

Screen shot 2016-01-23 at 1.24.31 PM.png

This is going to be THE series of Vlog videos you will want to follow from start to finish!  Our buddy MERLIN was, for lack of a better phrase, an “embed journalist” in the Vegas SHOT Show antics of our friends, the cray-cray HOLY COWZ Chele, Troy and Mario from Florida’s STAMPEDE AIRSOFT.  And (we hope) what comes out of this is perhaps the most-unvarnished, straight-forward look inside the SHOT “experience” that anyone has captured.  Seriously, MERLIN goes behind the closed-doors at vendor events, inside the showrooms at the booths where deals are cut-and-signed, and also hits the off-site action up and down The Strip!

PART ONE is here….and you will want to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE to the YOUTUBE CHANNEL as well as MERLIN’S AIRSOFT NEWS website….not just for SHOT Show…but for all his coverage of the game we love!

AND…BONUS!  Lots of coverage of all the booths and announcements you want to see with the same journalistic eye….posted by Merlin over on the BRAND NEW STAMPEDE AIRSOFT YouTube Channel, too!

“We want to thank Stampede Airsoft for bringing us to Las Vegas for the 2016 Shot Show convention.


Artist: Trap City
Song: Apex Rise – Take U Out [Trap City Release]

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