TM’s BIG BAD SHOTGUN IS OUT! – HKOTG with the AA12 – YouTube!

Screen shot 2016-01-23 at 3.59.18 PM.png

FIRST SHOOTING LOOK at this really remarkable new tri-shot AEG…and, like MARTIN from Hong Kong Off The Grid, who is primarily a GBB-runner…this gun is going to surprise a lot of people!  One Joule limit x Three Barrels…you might not make many friends on the muzzle end, but you ARE going to hit a lot of ‘enemies’ especially indoors!

See all the HKOTG madness as you hook up on their YouTube Chan…or CLICK THE PIC to be their friends via Facebook!

Host: Martin
Camera: Declan
Review of the new Marui AA-12 AEG
Big thanks to Milsim CQB and Training Centre.
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