Screen shot 2016-01-25 at 9.56.28 AM.pngTWO TWO TWO TWO!  Some of the best stuff from SHOT Show 2016 is just now starting to populate our SCOOP feeds…including a whole series of VIDEO INTERVIEW from the gang at GORILLA AIRSOFT!  We saw BEAST and crew in the background of photos and videos from other airsoft media in Vegas…so we knew they were “boots on the ground” and we were expecting their always-excellent podcast interviews on upcoming GORILLA AIRSOFT RADIO episodes.  BUT THEY WENT VIDEO THIS YEAR! PSYCHED!

And, not only video, but with some in-depth content from folks we have NOT seen on cameras yet…like POLARSTAR AIRSOFT‘s BEN NOJI, who had some surprises in the UMAREX/ELITE FORCE (and G&G..yea! Thanks P* AMY!) booths…and our buddy ALLIZARD with the hot KRISS/KRYTAC/DEFIANCE announcements.

LOTS MORE INTERVIEWS ON THE WAY, so you know the drill….CLICK THAT PIC up top and SUBSCRIBE/SHARE and COMMENT or ask Questions for upcoming podcasts over at the Gorilla Airsoft TV YT Channel!

“Ben explains some of the modifications that have been made to the F1 and when we can expect it’s release. We also cover some other products to expect this year….”

“Jesse talks to Allen about the products we can expect to see this year after knocking back about 10+ cocktails. Enjoy!…”


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