Stubby Airsoft M4 Pistol: Wolverine Inferno Quick Demo – BOOLIGAN on YouTube

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 8.52.42 PM.png

Booligan and his “Shorter is better” campaign in 2016!  If ‘short’ and blazing is what you like, VOTE BOOLIGAN!

CLICK THAT PIC to get a look at more customs builds and review, AFTER YOU LISTEN to this rotary-rasp-in-a-black gun ‘form!

“…Last week, I said what I’d be doing with my stubby M4 pistol. Today, let’s do a quick demo to see how it shoots! The Wolverine Inferno system installed easily and the Storm InGrip regulator lets me run CO2 instead of HPA. I’ll be posting another, more detailed video soon showing the pros and cons of this setup, but for now, I’m loving this ugly little thing….”


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