THE VIDEO you MUST SHARE TO SAVE AIRSOFT! – Sisu Milsim on Facebook!

CLICK THE PIC RIGHT NOW to SEE and SHARE the video from SISU MILSIM, which explains the true nationwide threat of Massachusetts House Bill 3476 and LINKS TO THE SITE on Facebook where ‘Softers and MilSim gals and guys can go for the best information on KILLING THIS THING DEAD!

GREAT JOB by Sisu…and you also need to start following her ‘gang of killer teddys as they rampage acrosss the USA the way our hobby/sport/game should be enjoyed!


Screen shot 2016-01-25 at 10.35.04 AM.png

“Massachusetts Bill H-3476: What it is it and why should you care if you don’t live in MA?

-Oh yeah, and my new puppy knocking over stuff at the end of the video… Sorry about that, lol.…”


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