“BAD BOYS” and Airsoft ‘GUNS’ – Thumpy Commentary

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BOY CULTURE: An Encyclopedia: E-Book and excerpts – LINK HERE

You know your little hobby has made the ‘big time’ when the academics and scholars start to inform, dissect, categorize, reflect on, title and “study” what’s happening with the participant-humans.  Specifically, when it “involves the children.”

Take, for example…BOY CULTURE: An Encyclopedia, which places “GUNS” and a few paragraphs in CHAPTER 6: “BAD” Boys.

Certainly a scholarly tome, posted in e-book format for accessibility and ease-of-editing as new information becomes available, this one is edited by…well…as diverse a group of individuals as you might imagine.  But the WHO is not as important as the WHY.

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And specifically this week, that WHY is all about misbehavior, video recorded and distributed, edited and chopped, dissected by the masses via social media and…any moment now…about to go viral and draw the worst kind of attention-and-response…by other supposedly grown-up humans who can draw up regulations and laws that will be the undoing of airsoft.

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Re-enter the AIRSOFT SAFETY FOUNDATION…er, AIRSOFT NATION FOUNDATION. That’s right, Little Johnny…ITS BACK! (CLICK THAT PIC) Nice rename here, too, fellaz.  An erstwhile and fleeting attempt during the run-up to California’s legislation-crazed non-attempts to regulate the hobby that ended with the defeat of several House and Senate bills…only to be und0ne by the behind-closed-doors lobbying by special interests that included PAINTBALL, AIR GUN and AIRSOFT BUSINESSES that backed this and other groups.  Now-Senate-President Pro Tem Kevin DeLeon reworked and masterfully massaged the “input” of those parties and came up with SB 199, now the law-of-the-land and the precursor/precedent setter to new legislation spreading across the Fruited Plain.’ 


LIKE THE E-BOOK…the story of Airsoft in America is evolving, being edited each and every day by the actions of every participant, who can do-good….or kill it…by their very actions.  A MORON with a head-cam, access to the Free Internet, and more money than common sense.  BUSINESSMEN and WOMEN -field owners-merchants-manufacturer/importers, trying to keep employees working and put profits in the bank.  PLAYERS, who argue, bicker and backstab each other.  Or those who love what Airsoft is at its core.

Which person will you be starting today?  A “BAD” Boy.  Or someone else….?


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