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Massachusetts’ proposed House Bill 3476 was heard in the Statehouse in Boston Wednesday afternoon, and was referred back to the state’s House Judiciary Committee.

What that means in a nutshell is that the proposed Airsoft/BB-Pellet Gun/Paintball and Sports Shooting KILLER LAW is STILL ALIVE, but NOT YET in a position to be voted on and then sent to the Governor.

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We are waiting to pass on any video from Rob G. of FUBAR Airsoft or SISU MILSIM, who were part of the pro-Airsoft contingent of players and business owners in the Statehouse all day, trying to both get the message to supportive House Members AND coordinate with other groups opposed to the measure, including GOAL – the Gun Owners Action League in Mass…LINK HERE!

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LINK to the FIGHT Massachusetts’ Bill H-3476 FB GROUP PAGE IS HERE

LINK to Petitions against the bill are still active and YOU SHOULD SIGN at BOTH THIS LINK…and also OVER HERE!


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