NOVRITSCH TECH: How to Paint a Gun – YouTube

Screen shot 2016-02-01 at 9.46.53 AM copy.png

EU’s top Airsoft Sniper NOVRITSCH knows what he’s teaching in these new tech videos!  He was a real military sniper, and THUMPY has also gone to courses where LEO and Mil-Snipers do the same techniques…NOV’ just shows it to you a little faster!  SEARCH THE INTERWEBS for a lot more tutorials like this before you bust out the paint and foliage….but a great beginners’ guys to show you how its done…including the EAR PLUG TIP!   You can thank him later!

For more from the most-viral sniper on YT, CLICK THAT PIC to hook up on his social channels, too!


“…A video guide / tutorial on how to paint a sniper gun. The paintjob is done with only 2 camouflage spray paints
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