AIR SMART! Help PROJECT TANK Build a New Future for SIMON!

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Simon Jameson is one TOUGH TANK! Probably the best-known player-on-wheels in all of airsoft, “TANK” is on a quest to build an all-terrain version of his current Tank 2.0 wheelchair doom-machine, and he needs EVERYONE’S HELP to make his dream come true!

“…I’m from Ireland and I am 27. I suffer with a condition called duchenne muscular dystrophy.  I’ve been wheelchair bound for most of my life. And for the last 9 years I have been playing Airsoft. I use a reasonably rough terrain wheelchair but it is very limited as it is just normal wheelchair. It is the best I have been able to get my hands on. I got it from Invacare Germany.”

But what Simon really wants as the base-vehicle for his new build is one of THESE…the HEXHOG!

HEXHOG Link….:

“I have attempted to play through out my country and some parts of the UK, im even the first disabled guy to ever be granted the opportunity to participate in military simulation in a British army MOD FIBUA (Fighting in Built Up Areas = MOUT) city called Copehill Down. I went 3 times and it was a huge success for me. As you can imagine I am very limited on where I can go since the type of terrain I am dealing with is quite rough. I have built up quite a name for myself and proven many people wrong. I would like to say I’m somewhat of a disabled role model when it comes to extreme sports and promoting awareness for disabled people.”

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That’s where WE ALL COME IN!  Simon’s family and friends have started not only a GO FUND ME Campaign LINK HERE

BUT, one of our favorite Airsoft Artists, Chris “HIWEZ” Chatburn also drafted up one pretty mean concept machine that you can buy on ‘merch to help support the project, too! LINK IS RIGHT HERE…CLICK THAT PIC and BUY SOMETHING!

“@TaccityAshley posted about Simon and his campaign three weeks ago. I watched the video and read his GoFundMe profile and he just won my respect and admiration immediately.” Chatburn says.

“I felt he was doing two things. Firstly he is empowering and uniting the sport (I have read some beautiful things people have been saying about the airsoft community when they talk about Simon) and secondly he’s giving airsoft a tank. And really that’s just amazing. He’s a real inspiration and such a nice guy too! I’m just honoured to be able to use my artwork to help the cause.”

WATCH HIWEZ’S Actual Work designing the PROJECT TANK art for Simon’s effort!

Plugs for HIWEZ, with FB LINK and his WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM, too!


Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 9.02.35 AM.png

SIMTAC is also hosting a FUNDRAISER EVENT for PROJECT TANK on March 13: LINK HERE or CLICK THE BANNER to go to the event page on FB

To see TANK in action…’tread-head’ over to his YouTube Channel and SMASH THOSE VIEWS/LIKES and leave some comments, too!


“My Facebook Page

My Youtube Channel…”


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