BOOLIGAN! – Echo 1 Airsoft SVD: Integrally Suppressed MagLite Mod – YouTube

Screen shot 2016-02-11 at 11.22.01 PM.png

OK, who wants to LIGHT up the competition and get a great new look for and old workhorse with whatever is laying around the workshop? Well of course, it is the gun-plumber-extraordinare BOOLI’ with one of the coolest mods to come off the bench in a long time!   Would you have the skills to pull off the imagining and construction of a custom mod like this?  Drop over to BOOLIGAN’s Facebook Page for more crazy projects and spot-on reviews!…just CLICK THAT PIC!

“Sometimes, when I get bored, I make mock suppressors out of old flashlights. In this case, I made an entire front end out of a flashlight. Check out my Echo 1 SVD-Lite….”


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