The POLARSTAR F-1 is REAL! – Facebook Fan Page

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AND, in response to questions about how the long-awaited F-1 differs from other products, such as the JACK system, in THIS THREAD on their FB Fan Page, P-Star says…

“JACK uses a small solenoid for nozzle movement only. The position of the nozzle within JACK is what allows or prevents air from flowing down the nozzle.

Like JACK, the solenoid in F1 also controls nozzle movement and the nozzle position also controls firing air, but only for one of the two firing stages. In the two-stage system the nozzle travels a certain distance, then begins to allow airflow through the bore. After traveling completely a secondary firing port opens to allow increased flow. This second stage is made possible by an integral flow control system which also has the added benefit of allowing the optimal nozzle speed in each direction. The forward speed of the nozzle can be restricted without limiting the rearward speed of the nozzle….”

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“…Yes, that’s right! The long awaited F1’s are finally in production and are slated to be released in March.

F1 Center-line: $350.00
F1 Offset: $375.00

We’ll be posting up more information soon so stay tuned!
#polarstar #polarstarairsoft #f1 #madeinusa…”


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