Retardation or Real-Gun mania? – The Havock Journal

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.21.35 AM.png

I don’t agree with everything in this “article” but I do understand its undertone and intent. I don’t agree with that, either…but I do put things like this forward as a “this is what some guys think about airsoft” marker-in-time. Usually it is from guys who don’t understand airsoft, and the same “gun guys” who get their information from the same forum trolls and badly-produced semi-pro hackers that we complain about on our own websites.

So, maybe the door should open a little and we get the real “feelings” out of the way to move forward supporting each other?….unless you just don’t like people with hobbies.

Then, I’d suggest giving up the internet…because its not going away….


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