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This TOTB took some restraint and self-introspective thought. TL;DR? – We think Facebook is wrong, but they have a right to be wrong. And we have rights, too.

See this quote in the collage above?

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Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

RESPECT is a two-way street, a broad avenue that you not only can drive up and down in your cheap little VW, “sporty” Acura or big, expensive Pagani Huayra…but from time to time, you might have to walk ACROSS that road with the rest of us “pedestrians.”  That’s when you discover that the road you pave does not stop at the end of your own driveway, even at 1 Hacker Way.

Writing All Lives Matter doesn’t make someone a racist.  It makes them race-agnostic.  Banning the use of your products (Facebook/Instagram…) for lawful purposes by the users (airsoft and milsim players, as well as law-abiding gun owners) makes you small, petty and controlling. And frankly, control is not what you should be about.  It is what makes you a Zuckerschmuck. Stop it.  Grow up.

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Merlin seems to be on the right track with his thoughts, too….as are a lot of other guys commenting on the ‘webz. We need to be the good guys, shining the foregrip-mounted light of fair play on the morons who are hurting our little game. Air Stupids. Bad Sports and both cheaters and cheater-callers.  Mark Z. included.


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