Thumpy Video – OP Freelander 2 – What Players Think

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This idea has been circling the on-ramp of my brain for a bit and for a first effort, not so bad.  You see the action, you see the firefights and the highlights…and lots and lots and LOTS of bad headcam video…from most of the major events.  Who actually asks the player what they think about the game experience, the A.O., how the producers “run” the ops?  Well, now THUMPY does with “What Players Think.”   Hear from random guys on the field who weigh in on big games and small sites …. more coming SOON!

“…Thumps’ talked with some of the guys on the field as we made our way around the A.O. in Myrtle Beach SC, for Operation Freelander 2. Hear what they say…and why YOU might want to head to the beach for a little post-apocalyptic “amusement” if John Lu and Company get back into this hot site in the future!

John Lu goes one-on-one with Thumpy, talking about the future of A.O.s for milsim, his company’s new changes, and what might be on-the-way for celebrity commanders and Operation IRENE’s big anniversary…all at OP Freelander 2 in Myrtle Beach, SC

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