E&L M4 with BRIAN AND JET – will IWA show the finished AR?

Screen shot 2016-03-04 at 5.24.46 PM.png

This is actually one of the SHOT Show 2016 videos from JET DESERT FOX with JAG PRECISION‘s Brian Holt…and worth another longer look as the IWA Show in Germany may hold more information on the pending release of the E&L Mega-Meaty M-series guns!

Seriously…the M4-version of an E&L AK will bring balance back to the Airsoft “Force” and open up a whole new level of affordability for everyone from stock AEG players to airsoft gun-plumbers on both sides of the ELECTRIC/PNEUMATIC divide!

CLICK THE PIC for more videos from THEE Desert Fox-ee One!

“Milsim West NATO players rejoice! E&L has a gun for you!

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