Breaking: Cybergun reorganizes its US businesses…

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CYBERGUN has announced a reorganization of its USA based businesses among other topics covered with a release/presentation from France this morning…NEWS LINK HERE, turn on your native translation…and a second News Link HERE

As this announcement comes directly after the IWA Show in Germany, there seems to be some major hurdles still ahead for the re-grouping effort for airsoft’s biggest public company.  Also included in the announcements were issues with their plans to bring .22cal real steel training guns online…and the loss of a large customer (WalMart, perhaps?) that accounted for more than 30% of their USA business…but at the same time an apparent announcement of new sales to TARGET stores starting soon…

Also posted via the Cybergun FB fan page were some sightings inside the IWA display…


“…Google Translate: …

“On the occasion of Europe’s largest exhibition of airsoft, IWA, we have researched you new products for your next ops.

Discover the new Famas GBBR upgraded, the Double Barrel Arsenal firearms Dueller, new M4 Keymod and the famous CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 version HPA and many other novelties.

The year 2016 will be rich in new!

All these innovations are found on

– Facebook: https: // …”

A l’occasion du plus grand salon européen de l’airsoft, l’IWA, nous vous avons déniché de nouveaux produits pour vos prochaines opés.

Découvrez le nouveau Famas GBBR revalorisé, le Double Barrel Arsenal firearms Dueller, les nouveaux M4 Keymod ainsi que le célèbre CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 en version HPA et plein d’autres nouveautés.

L’année 2016 s’annonce riche en nouveautés !

Toutes ces nouveautés sont à retrouvées sur

– Faceboock :……”


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