Airsoft SAFE in Europe! – EAA and Matt Furey-King

Screen shot 2016-03-30 at 11.21.43 PM.png

BREAKING NEWS from the EU and our buddy, the hardest-working man in Airsoft not-on-this-particular-continent…MATT FUREY-KING!  We jest, but the update posted over on the EAA’s site is amazing!  Airsoft..,SAFE FOR NOW, and in even a better political and support-position that before the ‘scare of ’16 got started!  READ IT ALL AT THIS LINK…after the teaser here…and CLICK THAT PIC to see if you can send Matthew and the gals/guys a note of thanks over on their FB Site, too!

“…As you should be aware, since November last year the EU has been considering a proposal to amend the firearms directive which would classify replicas, including airsoft devices, as real firearms. They also wanted to ban any firearm of ‘military appearance’.

The result would be that nearly all airsoft devices would fall foul of the law and be banned from use by the public, and the few types that would be allowed would be extremely difficult for people to obtain and had to be registered individually. The authors of the proposal set out to get rid of replicas and thereby wipe out airsoft in the whole of Europe. We were looking at airsoft armageddon.

The European Airsoft Association was founded specifically to react to such a threat. Over the last 5 months we have done everything possible to save airsoft….”


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