BOOLIGAN’s Week in Review: Krytac, Mosin, High Speed Build, and Cerakoting! – YouTube

Screen shot 2016-04-12 at 8.37.20 AM.png

This is a really great new idea, as BOOLIGAN gets you caught up on a number of projects he’s got on the bench every week, and zooms through things that will be coming up in his work at AIRSOFT INSIDER Magazine, too.  CLICK THAT PIC to head over to his under-used but over-loved-by-Thumpy’s-everywhere FACEBOOK FAN PAGE!


“…Starting a new video format where I do a quick recap of the stuff that I’m working on this week. In this first video, I talk about Krytac, my Mosin build, an upcoming high speed build, and Cerakoting!…”


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