AIR SMART: AIRSOFT OK AT SCHOOLS in KANSAS? – House Bill 2468/Senate Bill 65

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Airsoft is back in an American legislative body, but this AIR SMART measure might just set some ground-rules for positive use of airguns on local school campuses across the USA.

Kansas House Bill 2468 is proposed by Representative Blake Carpenter (R-District 81), and passed a 91-27 floor vote in March, and will be brought back into session in the Senate next week. (April 27th, 2016)

The bill as amended, would “make changes to the Weapons Free School Act by prohibiting school districts from adopting policies preventing organizations from conducting activities on school property solely because the activities involve the possession and use of air guns.”

“Under the bill, school districts could prohibit the possession of air guns at a school, on school property, or at a school-supervised activity except when a pupil is participating in activities conducted by an organization or is in transit to or from such activities. School districts could not implement policies that prohibit the possession of an air gun by a pupil on school property if the pupil is a participant in the activities of an organization.”

A local school shut down a shooting sports program in spite of a 30-plus year safety record far exceeding other big high school sports such as football, soccer, basketball and volleyball.  That’s when Carpenter stepped up with the proposal and safeguards to allow use of BB, pellet and airsoft guns on campus under close supervision of organizations for athletic or safety training purposes.

THUMPY’s NEWS contacted Representative Carpenter Thursday for an update.

I managed to get HB2468 into SB65. Hopefully, when we get back the Senate and House will do a conference committee on SB65. They should keep HB2468 inside SB65 and once they pass it out of the committee it will go before both chambers for a yes or no vote. I believe that it has a good opportunity to pass both chambers.”

We’ll stay on top of this, but urge you supporters in Kansas, or across the Airsoft Fruited Plain’ to get in touch with Representative Carpenter to cheer him on with your backing!  CLICK THAT PIC ABOVE to follow Blake’s post via Facebook, too!

For background:

Great article by JOHN CELOCK that goes into detail on the March vote and policy points from both sides of aisle:

February Article from KANSAS CITY.COM on the pro-gun issues in Kansas’ Statehouse:


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