TANG breaks down the latest E&L Airsoft AK Upgrades – JAG Precision on YouTube

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.23.37 AM.png

Not saying they need much to make an AK from E&L even better, but this company is stepping up their internals, making these the best AK you can buy! ¬†CHECK OUT TANG’s rundown and then¬†CLICK THAT PIC to get at the closeout deals for GEN 1’s…and then get ready for the 2nd Generation E&L’s, imported by JAG!

“…We now have the Generation 2 E&L AK lineup at JAG Precision. The latest version improves on the already robust platform and adds numerous internal upgrades that the players have been asking for. For you hardcore AK fans in the US, the E&L Generation 2 will satisfy your desire for the most realistic feeling AK like no other brand can.

Gen1 Drop Test Video HERE

More info will be released on our website very soon.

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