POPULAR AIRSOFT goes to Border War 8! – Photos

PopAir Border War 8.png

OPTI PRIME and MASTER CHIEF are back from their heroic and epic (we guess…) adventures at the huge BORDER WAR 8 event in the Czech Republic, and in equally-proportional heroic, larger than life fashion they have started a MAHOOSIVE Phot Dump over at the POPULAR AIRSOFT Facebook Fan Page! Plan on getting a drink and being there for a bit!

CLICK THE PICS BELOW to get at Dump One and Dump Two…with more coverage and stories OTW from the best in daily airsoft news!

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 11.28.48 PM

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 11.29.07 PM

“…Popular Airsoft News of the Day:

Border War 8: The Warchief Photos

We are not done with the photos from the Border War 8 and today we post another batch of over 500 photos. Just like yesterday, this is a combination of our shots and those nicely done ones from Jan of the Border War Crew. This mainly covers Saturday, the 23rd of April, where a good number of missions were carried.

Still more to follow….”


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