AIRSOFTOLOGY MONDAY! – Are Mesh Goggles Safe for Airsoft? – YouTube

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Is Big Jay channeling De Niro or Pacino in this episode?  What’s with the dual-wield finger-gunz and that headline?  And, dang’broseph…who has been letting that ‘stache go native lately?  Beard game’ is strong this week!  Hahahaha!  See the latest MONDAYS Q’s and A’s then CLICK THAT PIC for the super-secret ThumpLink to something that will make Jonathan smile more than a whisker brush!

Go on…click it.  You know you want to.  All the cool kids are doing it…

“…In this week’s Mondays, Jonathan takes on your questions about; the best and worst camouflage for night games, grenades as a sidearm and are mesh goggles unsafe for airsoft?.

Fox Airsoft’s M40A5 Sniper Rifle giveaway:

Pyramex dual pane safety goggles on Amazon –

Code Red Headsets Video of the week: Brain Exploder’s Tippmann M4 Heavy Bolt CQB Search and Clear –

Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Grenade Review:

If you want to get your question on the show, just put it in the comments and vote up your favorites.

A huge thanks goes out to Palco Sports and Code Red Headsets for helping keep Airsoftology Mondays free!


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