CLEAR THE BOAT! with Bodgeups Airsoft on the Thames! – YouTube

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.59.23 AM.png

Here it is…Bodge’ goes all Boaty McBoatyBoat on the Thames at “The Boat.”  That’s the actual name of this floating A.O. that will bring back memories from “that” video game you know and love, minus the helocast insert!

CLICK THAT PIC to get at Bodgeups via his socials on Facebook, too!

“STORM THE TOP DECK! | Bodgeups Airsoft
Here’s the first gameplay video from Red 1 “The Boat”. Just enough to give you a feel for the site, and how it plays. Don’t slip over like Bonz did!

Equipment, gear and other great information available on my websites!


Official page:
Dailymotion: …”


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