Tracer Tracer EVERYWHERE! Plus a new host with Tim on Redwolf TV – YouTube

Screen shot 2016-05-07 at 9.30.37 AM.png

It has been a LONG time since we had a dump from Redwolf Airsoft…as Tim has apparently been busy living a rich and fulfilling life outside his duty to entertain ‘softers on the YouTubez…hehehe…but this time he’s calling in help to get back on track!

Meet Marck…and see the pair of them square off with a pair of the hottest tracer units on the market from RW!…CLICK THAT PIC to get over to the Redwolf Instagram chan’, too…where you’ll get links to all the RWTV intros and product demos on IG!

“…Suppressor style tracers have been the norm for the longest time. G&P have recently released a Gen 2 version of their 130 round Illuminated mid cap magazine. Tim and Marck have taken different sides and both argue that their tracer is better than the other, but are they? Find out here!

Link to Products: …”


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