YOU DID IT! – Thumpy hits ONE MILLION VIEWS on News!

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 11.08.55 AM.pngWe have been working hard to bring you this news!  A whole 4 PLUS years of grinding and searching every week to get to the magic! ONE MILLION VIEWS!

Since January 2, 2012, as we made the transition to SCOOP.IT from our former WP.COM based news and information site (Still out there, BTW, for you ‘cats who want to see how we did it in the ‘old days…and want a deeper dive into near-history!)

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 12.44.37 PM.png

The growth slowed somewhat with changes in how SCOOP.IT works behind-the-curtain, and also with our push to transition to the place most of you go for news every day, Thumpy’s newer WordPress website. All the links to our social channels go back there every day, but still the view-counts on the 3D News at SCOOP.IT help us get out the word in the way YOU ALL want to receive it.  It seems like we should have already hit a million. And in truth, if you put all our views and links together, we are well into SEVERAL Million across all socials, like Instagram, Facebook and the FB Fan Page, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr…  But hitting this goal has been a grind and way tougher than doing it in other places.  But, we are THERE!


Just think of THUMPY’S as that old signpost tacked to the tree out in the country.  We’ll be here, pointing folks in the right direction and getting people to look at everything YOU GUYS do in the industry, with shops and fields, for manufacturers.  And for teams and players doing AIR SMART things every day.  It’s what we do.

Thank you for every view, comment, kick in the butt or atta’boy.  



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