Ask Amped Episode 46 – Milsim Minors, Yote Packs and Hypalon Madness! – YouTube

Screen shot 2016-05-13 at 8.05.19 PM.png

This one will make you think, talk and as always, offer up a bunch of quotables for your weekend pew-pew convos-with-friends. Discuss…

“Matt and Anthony are in the second studio here at Amped Airsoft with our insane looking gear shelf to bring you guys the next installment of Ask Amped. Make sure to check this episode out for more gear help, some footage of the Elite Force T4E Training Rifle and much more!

We’re back to the usual shenanigans and doing our best to answer your deepest and darkest bbwars questions to the best of our abilities on the spot. Ask Amped is a question and answer show where you guys submit your BBwarz questions and we do our best to answer them honestly to the best of our combined knowledge.

Get your comments and questions in for the next episode down below and we’ll do our best to answer them in the upcoming episode!

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