Police Cadet Training with AIRSOFT OBSESSED! – Video from AO Dave on YouTube

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 4.18.08 PM.png

This one has us more hooked-up with the good vibes than we normally are for a Cops-Train-With-Local-‘Softers event….because this time it is Police AND their Explorers/Cadets training with some of the best…the AIRSOFT OBSESSED gang in  California!  Yea, THAT California!  ‘See, when you work together and do the right things to help your local LEO’s, the gaps are bridged and it not only builds good teamwork for the departments, the officers and FUTURE officers, but for your whole community.  Take that, Lawmakers in the BIG SAC!

Great stuff as always from our buddy AO DAVE…you need to CLICK THAT PIC to tell ’em atta’boy and watch some more of the awesome work on the AO YouTubez!


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