SHORTY Is Back? – Is THIS Cybergun’s ‘big play’ for Airsoft Business?

Screen shot 2016-06-14 at 12.28.43 AM.png

CLICK THE PIC for the direct link to the French-language release…or THIS LINK to the Google Translate version via

We got this tip via an interesting source, and had to take a bit to time to digest it.  Along with a kidney stone Thumpy is still passing…yikes!  SO, lets get right to the news you don’t get anywhere else.

What is their deal with THIS move?  Recap for the new-to-Big G-news folks; Cybergun has a new management team with new ideas.  But what do you gain by snapping up Shorty USA which has been closed/hold-mode since last year…and the EU site, too?  Why not just go new-school and build a new storefront?  And DIRECT sales….that’s gonna make some of you biz-guys pretty unhappy.

Whad’da Ya Say, airsoft?  We know the new guys are watching, and perhaps they’ll jump in here and explain, as they seem to be pretty open to communications with players and setting a new tone…


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