USAirsoft gets a big boost from SCOUTTHEDOGGIE! – YouTube!

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 1.31.50 PM.png

We started to shine-the-light on a very positive development in airsoft and socials/media, and then THIS hit in our in-feed/Scoopit’s!  Two of our favorite guys in the YT video game…one, the seasoned pro and top chan for years, and the other, a hometown ‘kid who works WORKS WORKS Hard all the time!  Sounds like a tag-team-cage-match duo we’d pay to watch!  Great work guys!  WE SHARE BECAUSE WE CARE #airsmart #goodguys

From Scott: “I’m so happy right now that I can barely put things into words. To see my gameplay on the channel that taught me so much and actually showed me what Airsoft was is simply an amazing experience. The video just went live so go ahead and check it out! Thank you Scoutthedoggie!!!…”

“… When Scott Hallenbeck from the YouTube channel USAirsoft got in touch for some advice two years ago. I gave him some advice & he ran with it. Two years later he came back & offered me this video for my channel. So watch this video, then go take a look at his channel which is at

This video was filmed at D14 Airsoft in Texas USA. Take a look at the D14 website & USairsoft on Instagram at


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