AIRSOFTOLOGY : What is the Best Airsoft Upgrade? – YouTube

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AHHHHHH! You better get your new AIRSOFTOLOGY PATCHES before the 2nd run…after all, its not just about the patch and how cool you will look with one on your gear…but about helping BIG JAY to keep the episodes coming!  CLICK THAT PIC for the link!

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In this Airsoftology Q&A show Jonathan covers your questions on; the best 1st time upgrade for your airsoft gun, why deans battery connectors aren’t standard equipment yet, do you really need a sling & how to keep up with your phone while playing.

Show Timestamps:

Palco Mailcall
Deans Connectors- 1:46
Do You Need a Sling – 4:04
Best Upgrade – 5:25
Phone Storage – 6:40

Code Red Headsets Video of the Week – 8:25 – Bogeups RED GAS CAN EXPLOSION IN MY CAR! –

A huge thanks goes out to Palco Sports and Code Red Headsets for helping keep Airsoftology Mondays free! …”


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