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“Thumpy” is a screen nickname for ThumpMaster6, a well-known member of the US and World airsoft community;  through his many writings, ramblings and musings on various airsoft forums, in his reporting and photography in major airsoft publications – Airsoft International, USASOC Airsoft Magazine, Take Aim Airsoft Magazine, Recon Rag – and online here, at our SCOOP.IT NEWS and Events & Sites Channels), and on this web-hub for Airsoft Innovation.

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He brings a 35+ year background in print, radio, broadcast and cable TV and video to this enterprise, with emphasis in real-world military reporting, as well as a deep respect for the men and women who protect our freedoms around the world.

And, we want to have a ton of fun doing it ALL!


Check out ALL our Airsoft and MilSim Channels at the following links:

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Thumpy’s SCOOP.IT News Channel: Thumpy’s 3D House of Airsoft @ SCOOP.IT

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Thumpy’s Site SCOOP.IT : Thumpy’s 3D Airsoft & MilSim Event News

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Thumpy’s YouTube Channel: Thumpy’s 3D House of Airsoft @ YouTube

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Thumpy’s Facebook FAN SITE : Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft

Thumpy’s Facebook Page : Thumpy Covey

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Thumpy on Instagram! – https://instagram.com/thumpycovey/

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Thumpy’s TWITTER Link : Thumpy3D

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Thumpy’s Tumblr Channel: ThumpMaster6.tumblr.com

Thumpy at Flickr for Photos: ThumpMaster6 HERE

Thumpy’s G-MAIL Address for Back Channel Conversations: Thumpy3D@gmail.com


We promise to keep this page and all our social media channels up to date, and will follow some fantastic ethics guidelines, starting with the following from WordPress medical bloggers/site publishers  “Clinical Cases and Images”….we don’t know what that has to do directly with airsoft, as we hope to never have to cross paths with these guys…but they do ask some basic ethics questions we will use as a guidepost here:


1. Who runs this site? ThumpMaster6, you just met me above.
2. Who pays for the site? He does, until some “Sugar Mama” steps up and makes an offer…who knows, but you will be the first to know if/when that happens!
3. What is the purpose of the site? To stimulate innovation and point out “the good” from “the bad” in airsoft and MilSim.
4. Where does the information come from? From Thumpy, from sources “in the know” in the airsoft community, and hopefully from YOU.  We want your input on what you want to see in airsoft innovation…you are the customers, tell the “business” side of airsoft what your expectations are! We encourage you to SHARE your videos, links, photos and stories, but we can not pay for them in return. If you don’t want us to share, just let me know and we’ll take down your posts.
5. What is the basis of the information? The Truth…the WHOLE truth…nuthin’ BUT!
6. How is the information selected? Thumpy has the ultimate say on what’s posted here, but is willing and ready to be swayed by reasoned logic…or good argument…or both!
7. How current is the information? We strive to be as topical and current as the information and comments that we can verify and post.  Definitely NOT at “the speed of smell!” Many times a day, sometimes a day or two will go by until we can clear the “real life” calendar and get back over here.
8. How does the site choose links to other sites? They can be from friends, business partners…when there are some, and will be noted as such…and just from places that all of us want to share with our friends.  Where do you want to go today?  We want to go along, too!
9. What information about you does the site collect, and why? Nothing other than raw user data from basic analytics…I’m sure this will change, but all we want to start is your good advice and good source information to share with others.
10. How does the site manage interactions with visitors? Comments and input will be moderated, but with a fair and even hand.  If you come into Thumpy’s House, follow the Golden Rule….”do unto others,” brothers and sisters.


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