Should Polarstars be Banned? Plus: How to Fix Broken Barrel Threads – Airsoftology Mondays

As slow as Jonathan’s been…Thumpy’s gonna fall on his bayonet here, too…it is WEDNESDAY when we’re pushing out the Monday’s show…DOH!  Real Life so does suck!  This show doesn’t, tho!  10k views in just 2 days…NOT TOO SHABBY!

“This week we take on the BIG topic of the HPA gun bans that have been sweeping some of the fields across the US, and share our personal thoughts on the matter.

Plus (on the lighter side) we cover the use of the DMR role in games, walk you through a quick fix for messed-up threads on your barrel and discuss if it’s safe to play in the rain with your AEG.

Video of the week – BirnyX’s Nerf vs Airsoft:

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