Recoil Dynamix (RDX) GBBR Only Team at GamePod Combat Zone 5-31-2015 – Airsoft Senshi on YT!

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.42.32 PM

Pay attention, ’cause SENSHI’s videos are always cutting edge for YT playtime….watch the MAPS revolve as the many-camz from TEAM RDX go’ll never lose your place, and once again this ALL GAS GUN MEDIA MACHINE shoots…and SCORES!  LIKE/SHARE/SUBSCRIBE and leave the Questions and Comments!

“RDX hit up Gamepod Combat Zone’s Sunday May 31st game. This was a nice small crowd for a Sunday game which allowed for a lot of movement out on the field. It was 26 players on the opposing side and 14 players on our side, but we were able to win both games we played.
Very excited to welcome our newest member to the RDX family…Jack! Jack’s new call sign is Blitz! Which is the perfect call sign for him. Kid shows no fear out there always moving and looking to engage. Welcome to the team Jack!!!
At one point there was a player who thought we were over shooting him which the video shows we were not. Just happen to be getting shot from two different people at the same time. The GamePod staff did an excellent job responding to the situation immediately and bringing the players together to work out the issue. Well done! Hope you all enjoy the video!…”


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