One Cool 4th of July in FINLAND…armored combat with ELLIMUMMO!

FIRST VIDEO…check out the HQ’s GPS-based tracking system, before mounting up and going on objectives in a real-deal BMP-1 APC, see the world’s biggest Enola Gaye smoke screen for the world’s tiniest armored car..and MORE!

The idea of the game is to challenge groups to cope with a 24 while performing a wide range of control points and available game management tasks. The controls and functions, and scored the most points gathered a group will be rewarded. Groups liikeitä jatoimintaa monitored by GPS locators and functions are transmitted in real time via the GSM network. Results: http: // Screenshots: http: //

And, then ELLIMUMMO gets some more of a foot patrol, and that cutie-patootie AC in action…one fun Fourth in Finland!

Leave ELLI some LIKES/SHARES and COMMENTS over on the two videos…and check out all of his action vids on YT!


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