COMMS: MilSim West’s INNOVATIVE Radio Pouch, Made by Tactical Tailor – Facebook

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Now THIS is how you become an INNOVATOR!  MSW knows good events, they know good kit…what works and what DOESN’T.  And, drawing on their real-mil experience in the Long War…and their need for milsim comms protection and performance at a price-point their customers can afford, they worked with real-gear manufacturer Tactical Tailor to create this new radio pouch.  Read about it and get “hooked into the ‘net” to get yours as they start flying off the TT production line soon!….CLICK THE PIC to ask questions or get details from Joshua, Brian and the gang at MSW’s Facebook Fan Page!

And, to get at Tactical Tailor’s awesome line of products, also “born in the Northwest” CLICK HERE!

MilSim West, in conjunction with Tactical Tailor, is proud to announce the MilSim West Radio Pouch!

The most commonly used radio in airsoft is the Baofeng UV-5R. They are cheap and easy to program however their small size means they won’t fit well in standard radio pouches sized for military radios like the PRC-148 and PRC-152. Until now there has not been a commercially available radio pouch available that was specifically sized and purpose built for Baofeng style radios.

Sized for Baofeng UV5R radios with the extended battery pack, the MilSim West Radio Pouch is specifically designed for the needs of war-gaming and hobbyists. Because the Baofeng radios channel selector and screen is on the face of the radio the pouch is designed to “fold down” allowing the user to not only view the screen and what channel he is on but to also make any channel or setting changes needed through the vinyl window.

Made out of a combination of 500D Multicam Cordura and 3 inch Multicam Jacquard Webbing the radio pouch attaches to standard MOLLE webbing via the new lightweight MALICE clips from Tactical Tailor. Like all Tactical Tailor products it is 100% made in the USA from 100% American materials.

MSRP is $32. Available Soon. Other colors are possible in the future. Wholesale orders welcome, please message us for pricing.…”


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