AIR SMART: Drill helps prepare school officials for lock-down situations –

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 9.04.10 PM

We only wish the Mt. Lebanon PD had better training tools than a CRAPTASTIC PLASTIC pistol to use for their recent ALICE Active Shooter drills…perhaps a local store in Pennsylvania could help steer them to the gear they need!  But, still…GREAT to see this happening across the county!  FIGHT BACK when you can’t run!

“…It gets everybody involved in this type of situation on the same page of the playbook,” Fisher said. “We want to give everybody the chance to survive.”

As administrators and police officers rushed through the hallways at Brentwood Middle School on Tuesday attempting to flee from the man firing his gun — albeit an airsoft gun, they fought off the intruder with balls and rope.

“It’s intense, but we need to make sure our kids are safe,” Lentz said. “Yesterday, we taught our kids to ‘stop, drop and roll.’ Today, we need to teach them how to respond to things like this….”

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