Extreme Airsoft is 6 Years Strong, and We’re Throwin a Party! – YouTube!

HERE IS YOUR INVITATION to attend one of the East’s biggest parties, with a huge list of ‘celebs, companies and sponsors promising to make “America’s Smallest State” a HUGE PLACE FOR ‘SOFTERS on AUGUST 22nd!  BE THERE!

“We here at Extreme Airsoft, Rhode Island would like to invite you to celebrate our 6th anniversary on August 22nd, 2015! With over 500 people though the doors and over 250 players last year, it was the largest and best event we have ever had, and we will be making it even bigger and better this year! With one of our biggest raffles and players from all around New England, this is not an event to miss!

We have some of the most well-known names in the airsoft world joining us, including several of your favorite companies, as well as a few airsoft YouTube celebrities. This list is growing by the day, but it already includes:

Umarex/Elite Force Airsoft
Valken Airsoft
G&G Armament
Spartan Imports
Jet Desert Fox Airsoft
Unicorn Airsoft Leah
Adella Relentless
P90 Girl
And Tippmann….”


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