HISTORY OF THE GAME – Gramps & Grizzly and “constant air” – Bacci Paintball

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 10.47.31 PM

No matter what you “think” you know about the history of airsoft…its roots DO trace back to the early days of paintball…and the INNOVATORS like Gramps and Grizzly hold lessons that a lot of today’s airsoft biz folks could learn from!  Listen to this one carefully…and spread the philosophy!  GREAT series of interviews done by Bacci Paintball’s ‘chan before Gramps passed…see ’em all and learn more over at their YT Chan…CLICK THE PIC!

“When Lou and Mike Grubb, of Gramps and Grizzly, began demonstrating the advantages of constant air and offering CA conversions they looked into the possibility of a patent on the system.

Visiting a patent attorney in Beverly Hills for consulting, the attorney advised them that they couldn’t patent the system, but could receive a trademark on the name of “Constant Air.”…”


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