GUNS YOU CAN TRY at FULDA GAP….Bingo Airsoft Designs has been BUSY BUSY!

Screen shot 2015-10-04 at 10.24.59 AM

MAN OH MAN!  Has Rudy Hilado been burning up the 3D Printers!  Check these out!


All of these BAD-AS5 machines are going to be on-hand at the BINGO vendors tent this coming weekend at FULDA GAP…and, the R-Man will be sending them down range as a test…and to gather user/shooter input on how they perform in action at America’s biggest game!…wanna see what’s coming before Fulda?  CLICK THE PIC to go to the BINGO AIRSOFTWORKS Facebook fan page….and See THUMPY’S VIDEO as Rudy rolled out prototype #1 at the GI TACTICAL event here:

The squad of AS5 guns is just about ready for Fulda Gap next weekend! Come find Bingo Airsoft Designs at the event and check them out or take one for a test drive on the field…the AS5, Designed to Dominate! …”

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