REAL STEEL from the AUSA Show…KAC’s LIGHT MACHINE GUN – Redback One on Facebook!


WHO. WANTS. THIS? ¬†And as KNIGHT’S ARMAMENT is on the cutting edge of Airsoft as well as real-steel…you tell ’em, you will likely see this ON THE WAY! ¬†Great pic from REDBACK ONE…CLICK THE PIC to like their FB Fan Page, too!

“The Knight’s Armament Company LMG promises to be one of the most innovative weapons developed for the Special Operations mission. Weighing in at only 9lbs and a cyclic rate of 500-550rpm means that it’s super controllable for the #CQB application. We may even see a semi automatic fire control group in the near future. The #LMG design features are drawn from the original Stoner 63 and now includes M-Loc rails, modular butt-stock options, a quick change barrel, capable of right and left side operation and a high output suppressor for fully automatic suppressed fire! What else do you want?…”


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