AIR SMART- Bend Oregon looks at legal changes in PRO AIRSOFT MOVE! –

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.50.37 AM

Crossing the threshold of Thumpy’s two areas of interests is this nugget that will be taken up by the city councilors in Bend this Wednesday night.  If you are a player or business guy in that area that supports as progressive move to improve airsoft’s image…we’d urge you to get the info and be a body-in-the-seats at the meeting… 

CLICK THE PIC for the details from KTVZ.COM

“…The city’s original prohibition on discharge of weapons was adopted at a time when guns were guns, toys were toys, and everyone knew the difference,” stated an issue summary for the code amendments on Wednesday night’s agenda, drafted by Assistant City Attorney Gary Firestone and police Patrol Capt. Ben Gregory.

“The proliferation of items that discharge projectiles but are not intended to cause harm has led to a review of the existing code language and this proposed code amendment,” they continued….”

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