What. Is. THIS? – BO MTO Phantom – video via 0’20 TV

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 1.55.09 PM.png

We have absolutely NOTHING on this video, other than it came down the pipe in the same way most of BO MANUFACTURE‘s early teaser info has…via the 0’20TV YouTube Chan….Magnetic? Huge battery life? ¬†You just get glimpses…and hopefully this isn’t a fake, but remember 30 November 2015 if this thing is for realz…

“-This is just unbelievable, a true revolution in the airsoft industry. BO Manufacture invented the ultimate airsoft system, it is based on a magnetic source of energy, no more gears, no more motors, no more failures after a few thousand rounds, BO Manufacture guarantee 1 million rounds. The battery will last one week.

-The instant trigger response is about milliseconds and everything is completely silent except the airflow of course. The MTO project is a two years R&D process that is now worlwide patented, the whole thing is made in Bordeaux (France) in the brand new BO Manufacture factory.

-As Eric Gautier, Founder of BO, used t o say: ” In Bordeaux, we had no airsoft ecosystem to build airsoft guns but we had a great aeronautics ecosystem, then I used this one and we are now obviously building much more advanced products”.

-We heard that MTO goes far beyond airsoft but that is another story… We will bring more to you very soon with a complete detailed product review.


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